Best of Panama 2011


Francisco Serrac’n Cafetaleros, S.A.
Farm Name: Francisco Serrac’n Cafetaleros, S.A.
Coffee Name: Don Pachi Geisha
Cupping Score: 89.15
Lot #: PA_NAT -A
Boxes: 2
Weight/each: 22.67 kg. (50 lbs.)
Crop Year(s): 2011
Variety: Geisha (Natural Process)
Process: SHB
Elevation: 1600 M
Growing Region: Callejon Seco, Boquete
Owner: Francisco Serrac’n
Exporter: Specialty Coffee Association of Panama
Cupping Notes:

Flavor: caramel, grapes, strawberry, Mouthfeel:big complexity, balanced, zesty acidity, very sweet,